Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project

  1. What OPAPP Students think of technology

    What do OPAPP students think of Technology? How does technology help the student achieve.

    OPAPP teachers share there experiences.

  2. Dyad - A New Approach

    This is an introduction to the Dyad System - the basis for OPAPP. This video explains how the Dyad System is based on the marriage of a learning task and an assessment task. This introduction gives viewers an analogy to help them understand what a learning task and assessment task are and how the Dyad System is different than our current classroom assessments.

  3. Austin's Butterfly Part 1

    OPAPP uses the student feedback story, Austin's Butterfly, to illustrate the value and success obtainable using teacher and student feedback in your classroom.

    Part I: Austin's Butterfly is an example of peer feedback used with first graders in Boise, Idaho to help Austin improve his drawing of a butterfly.

    Austin was asked to draw a butterfly for his schools fund raising cards. This series of Austin's butterfly drawings as shared by Ron Berger illustrates the success available using peer feedback techniques in your classroom.

  4. How has OPAPP changed your teaching? Webinar ODE

    OPAPP Teachers interviewed Fall 2013, sharing their experiences on how OPAPP changed their teaching.

  5. Five Whys Across

    The "Five Whys Across" is a problem-solving, re-engagement technique developed by Margaret Searle, a response to intervention specialist. This template is designed to discover the root cause of a problem and can be used with students or with an entire school. This video is an example of how one group used the template to address their concern about giving feedback in place of traditional grades.

  6. OPAPP's Impact on Students

    OPAPP's teachers share their observations about how OPAPP has changed their students.