Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project

  1. How has OPAPP changed your teaching? Webinar ODE

    OPAPP Teachers interviewed Fall 2013, sharing their experiences on how OPAPP changed their teaching.

  2. What OPAPP Students think of technology

    What do OPAPP students think of Technology? How does technology help the student achieve.

    OPAPP teachers share there experiences.

  3. OPAPP's Impact on Students

    OPAPP's teachers share their observations about how OPAPP has changed their students.

  4. Once Upon a Time

    Ohio's New Learning Standards

    Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

    Learn about Ohio's New Learning Standards
    and all the newly developed ODE resources to help
    teachers do what they do best--engage, empower, excite
    Ohio's K-12 students to do their best and become their best.

  5. And the Answer is..... The Kids

    The Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project is all about the kids - all about being able to better assess their learning. Better assessment makes your job as a teacher easier. You will get a much better idea of where your students are now and where they need to go.

    Enhance your students' performance by enrolling in the OPAPP program. Invite another teacher or your whole department to join you!

    Share this opportunity - share this url opapp.tv

    District applications are due May 24th!

  6. OPAPP Leading the Way

    An introduction to OPAPP and the value of technology in the classroom. There was a young student, who shared his guitar music with the boss, who recorded it on her iPhone, emailed the music recording with the instructions, "use this." The speed of technology is all around us and can impact education in wonderful ways. OPAPP is leading the way.

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